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In the market for a laser projector to light up your life this Christmas?  They’ve become increasingly more and more popular over the last few years and quite possibly will become a Christmas staple in the near future.  If you’re having trouble deciding which laser light is perfect for you, you’ve come to the right place.  Here is a list of the top five best Christmas laser projectors of 2017.

Before We Begin (Buyer’s Guide)

First and foremost, there are several factors to take into account when deciding which laser projector is right for you.  It’s important to consider the technical details such as what the projector is constructed of, whether or not it is waterproof, what colors it emits, etc.  Not all units come with the exact same features, so it’s a good idea to do a little research before you decide to buy.  Here are some of the most important questions to ask and things to look out for:

If you’re looking for specific Christmas Laser Lights then please check out:

Laser Light Projector 2017 – Buyers Guide

  • Chassis Material
  • Waterproofing
  • Laser Colors
  • Laser Patterns
  • Remote Operation
  • Indoor / Outdoor

Chassis Material – Is the laser projector made out of metal or plastic?  It should go without saying that metal lasts longer than plastic.  Depending on the type of weather that is frequented in your area, one or the other might suit you more appropriately.  In places with severe weather, metal would probably be the best choice; however, in places with very moderate weather, plastic will do just fine and probably save you a little money.

Waterproofing – Is the projector waterproof?  Some projectors are waterproof while others aren’t.  If you plan on using one outside, you’ll definitely want to have that extra protection from the rain and snow.  On the other hand, if you are only going to use one for inside purposes, you might not need it to be weather resistant.  

Laser Colors – What colors will the projector display?  There are two standard color combinations that are found on most laser projectors.  Usually, those designed solely for Christmas contain red and green lights.  Others that are used for Christmas, as well as other holidays or parties, contain red, green, and blue (RGB).  Depending on whether you only want lights for Christmas or need a multipurpose unit, you might find one product more appealing than the other.  

Laser Patterns – What kinds of patterns does the projector show?  Patterns are at the core of what laser lights are all about.  Some projectors give you the option to select exactly which colors you want to display and how the colors move and morph.  Others do not give you these options and have a set way that they operate.  You’ll have to decide whether you want to pay the price for more control over your patterns or settle for what is given to you.  

Remote Operation – Does it include a remote?  Many, but not all, laser projectors come with a remote controller that allows you to control the projector’s functions from a distance.  Some controllers have a range of just a few meters while others can reach a very, very long distance.  And, again, some projectors don’t come with a remote at all.  If convenience is what you seek, this is a factor that will definitely play into your decision-making.

Indoor / Outdoor – Can I use it indoors or outdoors?  Laser projectors are usually made to be used indoors, outdoors, or both.  You wouldn’t want to buy an indoor laser projector and place it outside just to have it ruined by the weather.  For example, those made solely for indoor use are usually not waterproof while those designed for the outdoors are; rain and snow would damage a unit only made for the indoors.

In addition, indoor projectors usually have a shorter projection range than outdoor ones.  An indoor unit used outside might not turn out to be as bright as you would like.  And, you might think that using an outdoor projector indoors would be super bright and suffer no problems; however, those designed only for the outdoors usually do not come with an optional indoor base to allow it to stand by itself on a flat surface.  These are some key details you’ll want to know.

Our Top Outdoor Laser Light Projectors 2017

1. SROCKER XLRGB Garden Laser Projector

SROCKER XLRGB Garden Laser Projector Review

The SROCKER XLRGB Garden Laser Projector has received five-star reviews for its quality build, features, and performance.  It has pretty much everything you would want in an outdoor laser projector and in many cases outperforms others on the market.  It’s a little more expensive than other projectors out there, but the price is well-deserved.  This is a laser light that will last you a long time.  

Sporting an aluminum, waterproof chassis, the SROCKER XLRGB will survive even the harshest of weather situations.  The included metal stake is advantageous, as it is able to penetrate tough ground which might break a plastic stake.  Its aluminum body will ensure that it holds up well and is safe from accidental drops or other pitfalls that may threaten to damage the unit.  Being that this laser projector is meant to be used outside, its waterproofing is a necessity; rain and snow do not stand a chance against this in a one on one fight.  

Once it is set up and plugged in, it will emit an array of green, red, and blue colors that move across whatever surface it is shined on.  Though most people use these types of lights as a replacement for string lights during Christmas, the fact that this one also has a blue light means it can be used for other holidays and events without looking too much like a Christmas decoration.  In fact, this unit lets you select exactly what colors you want to use.  You can choose any combination of colors to use as well as only having one individual color shine if you so please.  Additionally, you can select whether you want the lights to stay stationary or move around at various speeds.

This particular laser projector does come with a remote controller, making it easy for you to control its various functions without having to fiddle with the laser itself.  The effective range of the remote is just about forty feet, meaning in some cases you should be able to manipulate the unit from inside your home.  This unit is a little pricier than others; however, it is well worth it for everything that comes in the box.  Remember, you get what you pay for.

2. Star Shower Laser Light Projector

Star Shower Review

The Star Shower is an As Seen On TV product that a lot of people who are curious about laser projectors but aren’t completely ready to take the full plunge try out.  When compared with other products on the market, it sits on the lower end of the spectrum, but it gives you a good taste of what can be achieved with laser lighting.  It costs less than forty dollars; however, don’t let it’s low price fool you.  With over two thousand reviews on Amazon and a very high rating, this is one of the most purchased and highly reviewed laser projectors out there.  

This laser projector has a plastic, weather resistant encasing.  Of course, because it is a cheaper product, the plastic is somewhat low quality but handled with care, you should not face any issues.  I would recommend using care when pressing the plastic stake into the ground, as too much force will cause anything plastic to break.  If you don’t want to put it outside, there is an included base stand which allows you to set it on any flat surface.  Also, it is touted as weather resistant, and this is good for anyone who lives in an area with lots of snow during the winter.  However, weather resistant does not necessarily mean waterproof.  I would advise anyone to be cautious with this in situations where there is heavy rain.  It may or may not hold up.

As far as the lights themselves, they are green and red.  While other more expensive projectors allow lots of customization options, this one only has two modes of operation.  You can choose between only displaying green beams or a combination of green and red.  You can also decide whether you want the lights to sit still in place or to move around, creating a light show.  All of these functions are controlled by buttons directly on the unit, as this one does not come with a remote controller.

The Star Shower is a bit of a bare-bones package, but it’s very inexpensive and gets the job done.  Again, if you’ve been considering trying out this type of lighting and want to get your feet wet, this will give you an idea of whether this is for you or not.  Either way, it’s a great little piece to add to your box of Christmas decorations whether it’s the centerpiece of your setup or just an add-on.  

3. Almatess Garden Laser Projector

Almatess Garden Laser Projector Review

The Almatess Garden Laser Projector and SROCKER XLRGB are very similar projectors.  In fact, they are so similar that I had a difficult time finding any differences between them.  I believe what it comes down to with these is the quality of the electronics and materials used to build each of them.  The Almatess is a little cheaper than the SROCKER, so I suspect there may have been some shortcuts made in order to keep the price lower.  Nonetheless, here are the technical specifications of the Almatess.

It’s made with a waterproof, metal body.  As always, metal is more sturdy than plastic and will last longer.  There is no need to worry about the neighbor’s dog ripping it out of the ground and chewing it to pieces.  Like most units, you get a metal stake to hold it in the ground and a lengthy nineteen-foot long cable.  The body is also sealed really well to keep it waterproof and working properly.  

Under the hood, the Almatess has green, red, and blue bulbs with seven lighting modes to alternate between.  The lights will whirl and twirl across whatever surface you choose to point it at and can be customized according to your tastes.  You get to choose exactly which colors you want to use and how you want them to move (or not move).  

And, because it comes with a remote controller, you can make all the adjustments you need from the comfort of your home.  Whether you need to turn it on, change the lighting mode, or set it to turn off automatically after a few hours, it can all be done.

4. 1byone Magical Laser Projector

1byone Magical Laser Projector Review

The 1byone Magical Laser Projector is in the same price range as the Star Shower but is uniquely different.  This one is highly pattern-based and specifically made for Christmas; therefore, you’ll most likely be taking this one out of the attic only once a year.

Here is why:

The body of this projector is weatherproof and made out of plastic.  The benefit of it having a plastic body is that this allowed the price of this unit to be cut significantly; you’re getting a great quality light at a budget price.  Because it is made to be used only when your Christmas decorations are out, it will most likely get only one month of use each year.  For this reason, the plastic won’t wear down as quickly on this one as compared to others which are made for usage year-round on different occasions.  This is especially true if you decide to use it indoors with the base it is packaged with.  Also, since it’s waterproof, you won’t have any issues with it sitting out in bad weather.  

So, why is it only designed for Christmas use?  There are a couple of key reasons.  First of all, it shoots out green and red lasers (the traditional Christmas colors).  Secondly, the two patterns which it is capable of producing are both variations of Christmas trees.  One pattern uses only green and shows many Christmas trees wherever the projector is pointed.  The other one shows green Christmas trees with red stars sparkling on and all around them.  Aside from the patterns, it also has ten different lighting effects that can be controlled directly from the unit.  

There is no remote controller included, but this isn’t too much of an inconvenience.  This light is meant to be one that you can set up and forget about.  Once you find the settings you like, it will remember them.  And best of all, this projector has a light sensor that tells the unit to turn on at dusk and off at dawn.  The simplicity of the 1byone Magical Laser Projector is top-notch and great for anyone wanting to add a little somethin’ somethin’ to their Christmas setup.

5. TaoTronics Outdoor Laser Projector

The TaoTronics Outdoor Laser Projector takes all of the best elements of the projectors mentioned above and packs them all into one.  You get all of the best features of other top-of-the-line products at a bargain price.  If you want a projector that gives you a lot to toy around without leaving you completely broke, you should check this one out.

This is one of the cheapest lasers out there that features a waterproof, aluminum body.  Though the aluminum might be a little thinner than more expensive competitors, it is still much better than plastic.  It definitely won’t break in half from misuse like cheap plastic sometimes does.  Plus, it is waterproof, and as we have previously discussed, this will extend its longevity.  

One of the beauties of this projector is that it can display six different patterns in red and green coloration with five of them being specific to the Christmas holiday.  These include snowflakes, trees, snowmen, bells, and Santa Claus.  And, if you’d rather not use one of these patterns, the sixth pattern is the generic twinkling green and red stars that most laser projectors have.  With so many options, you can plan on using this for many occasions.  

And, to top it all off, this budget laser light comes with a remote.  You can control the patterns, flash speed, auto-off timer, and more.  As I mentioned from the start, this combines the best features of the Christmas laser projects I discussed above and puts them in a product that is actually cheaper than the Star Shower.  This is a great deal!

Our Final Thoughts on Great Xmas Laser Lights

Hands down, I would say that the TaoTronics Outdoor Laser Projector is my favorite light on this list.  Because it offers so much, you just can’t beat it; it’s a steal of a deal.  For what you pay, you get so many features and lots of use out of it.

If you’re new to laser Christmas projectors and want to try something out that will give you a lot of variety, this is it.  It’s hard to be disappointed with a product that gives you so much bang for your buck, and with that being said, as you hunt down your laser projector, good luck!

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